Thursday, May 27, 2010

Upcoming Races

Now that summer vacation (aka summer school) has officially started, I've got a lot more time to concentrate on my training, which also means I'll be in shape to do more races! Here are the races I've got lined up so far for the rest of the year:

  • May 29 - Woodlake Duathlon - Vass, NC
  • June 19 - XTERRA 10k Trail Run - Richmond, VA
  • August 1 - Brisbane Half Marathon - Brisbane, Australia
  • August 28 - Patrick Henry Half Marathon - Ashland, VA
  • September 11 - White Lake International Triathlon - White Lake, NC
  • September 25 - Age Group National Championship (assuming I qualify at White Lake) - Tuscaloosa, AL
  • October 16 - Pinehurst Triathlon - Pinehurst, NC
  • November 7 - City of Oaks Marathon - Raleigh, NC
  • November 13 - McDonald's Half Marathon - Richmond, VA
As you can see, I'll be travelling quite a bit this year, especially for the Brisbane Half. I'll be studying abroad in Australia from the end of June through the middle of August, and it just so happens that the Brisbane Running Festival is going on while I'm in town! I've also been doing some research and have found a few running clubs in both Adelaide and Brisbane (the two cities I'll be in for the majority of the trip), so hopefully I'll be meeting lots of interesting new people who love running as much as I do!

I'm also really excited for the City of Oaks Marathon, as it'll be my very first full Marathon! Once I've got that under my belt, I'll start planning for my first Ironman (most likely Beach2Battleship)...but that's next year's news.

**UPDATE: So I decided that I didn't really feel like waiting around for November to do my first full Marathon, so I bumped up the XTERRA on June 19th to a half Marathon and will be doing my first full in Australia! How cool is that? I figure I've got two solid months to prepare for it, so why wait around for November?

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