Friday, April 30, 2010

Duathlon Nationals

This past weekend I competed in the Duathlon National Championship in Richmond, VA. The top 18 finishers in each age group qualified for the World Championship in Scotland. I'd been training to qualify based on last year's finishing times, but unfortunately the competition stepped up their game a little bit and I only got 27th place.

The race consists of a 5k run, a 38k bike, and another 5k run. That comes out to 3.1 mi, 24 mi, 3.1 mi. My finishing times were:

5k run - 18:44
38k bike - 1:09:37
5k run - 15:20
Overall time: 1:46:41

I had a great race, and the fact that I didn't qualify really shows how competitive my age group is. The course was a lot of fun, especially getting to go over the James River 12 separate times during the bike. Here are some pics:

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